【Best VPNs in China(FYI)】

Hopefully this article won’t be banned in China, since we are talking about getting round their great firewall! Anyway, as everyone knows China has some very strict internet restrictions, many sites are very hard to access from inside China. This is exactly what VPNs are for. Whether you are travelling to China, or live there and want to access some western services, you should use a VPN.

But which should you choose?

We’ve decided to write an article about the top VPNs that work in China, to make sure you can access all these services. While there are over 100 VPN services out there, it’s a good idea to compare them in details, since the level of service does vary a lot. From the type of protocol used (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN), to pricing and bandwidth limitations, there’s a lot of stuff to consider.

Take a look at our summary below, after which we’ll review the services in a bit more detail too:

Best isPureVPN
Second is Hide My Ass! Pro VPN

1st PureVPN

Positives: No speed restrictions, over 300 servers, excellent tutorials
Negatives: No privacy policy

PureVPN is based in Hong Kong, so they are very close to China and are likely very much in touch with China’s policies on what is happening, so using them is probably your best bet, since they will be most up-to-date when it comes to developments in China. They are a very professional company, and one of the biggest brands out there for VPNs, I’m sure you’ve heard of them before.

They have two packages available, one that has unlimited bandwidth and one that only has 30GB (although that is a lot for browsing). The price ranges from $4.16 to $18 per month depending on the package and upfront payment you choose. There is also a 3 day moneyback guarantee, so you can get your money back if you really don’t like the service.

2nd Hide My Ass! Pro VPN

Positives: Great software, fast servers, plenty of locations
Negatives: Not the best price, but still a good price

Hide My Ass! Pro VPN might be banned in certain areas of China, but as far as we know they do work pretty well. HMA are probably the biggest and most well respected brands out there for VPNs, so you can’t really go wrong with them, and they are slightly cheaper than PureVPN, but still offer amazing software with over 300 servers and 30,000 IP addresses.

Their basic package starts from $6.51, or around $11.50 if you want to pay monthly. While this is a medium priced service, the quality they offer is well worth the price.


5 Best VPNs in China